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Here at K&K Dirtworks we want to provide you with the best results possible. One way we connect with our customers is by doing estimates. Once you have contacted K&K Dirtworks and told us what you would like done,  we work to schedule an estimate on your behalf. The estimate allows us to look over the project on site and determine what we think it will take to get the job done.  Once an estimate is complete we will contact you with the info!

To request an estimate please fill out the form below! Once your estimate request has been received we will contact you! You can also schedule an estimate by calling our office at (812) 529-8172

Request an Estimate

Let us work for you!

Please explain what we can help with*

Thank you! 

Let us know what services we can provide for you; lot removal, road building, vegetation management, site prep, drainage, demolitions, septic system installations, lake builds etc. Also provide us with location information and details on the specifics of the services you would like done.

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